NGHCS: Creating the Next-Generation Mobile Human-Centered Systems

The goal of NGHCS is to develop a comprehensive framework to simplify the development of mobile human-centered systems, ercas well as make them predictable and reliable. Our work has the following research thrusts:

  • First, we develop techniques for dealing efficiently with dynamic unpredictable factors that such complex systems face, including dynamic workloads, unpredictable occurrence of events, real-time demands of applications, as well as user changes and urban dynamics
  • Second, we will develop the foundations needed to meet the end-to-end timeliness and reliability demands for the range of distributed systems that we will consider by developing novel techniques at different layers of the distributed environment and studying the tradeoffs involved
  • Third, we will develop general techniques to push computation and data storage as much as possible to the mobile devices, and to integrate participatory sensing and crowdsourcing techniques

The outcome of the proposed work is expected to have significant impact on a wide variety of distributed systems applications in domains as diverse as transportation systems, environmental systems, healthcare and emergency response.

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